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San Francisco all-female post-punk revialists Grass Widow seem to have gone a bit off the radar in recent years. In a time where they probably could have shined with the emergence of bands like Best Coast and Dum Dum Girls, they shyed away.

Back with their first full length since 2010′s Past Time, Goldilocks Zone is the lead track from Internal Logic.

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Noisy Olympia trio Broken Water clearly hang out in the same circle as their hell-raising peers Milk Music and Gun Outfit. They just have THAT sound.

The band’s new LP Tempest is set for release on May 29th via Hardly Art. This is an incredibly sludgy cut from said album.


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Sydney lo-fi rockers Royal Headache are preparing for the release of their debut album on May 8th, via What’s Your Rupture?

We’ve already brought you their ramshackle sounds before, but this new cut was too impressive not to share. Down The Lane is a real swinger of a track.

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Real Estate released their latest single from the incredible Days, Easy, on March 3rd.

This is the incredibly sunny and summery b-side, Exactly Nothing.


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Zulu lyrics slide effortlessly over this gorgeous South African House tune.  It’s the first day of spring, the sun is out, and I’ve discovered this awesome track in which producer Soulfaktor and MC Solomon have combined to create ‘Pop Models’ which features a delicious neo-soul chorus. Cracking name too!

Stream/ Download it below.

Pop Models

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Nas – The Don

Nas is back, oh my!

It’s like they made this track by throwing all of Queensbridge into a massive blender and made Nas to gargle with the result. The pounding, ragga entwined beat has all of the foundations of a hard-hitting boom bap Nas anthem.

I’m glad that Nas has returned from his hiatus of giving his latest albums edgy titles and has returned to doing what we love him for: ‘spitting fire’.

Maybe it will be part of his next album, which will probably be called….ah fuck it, I’m tired and can’t think of anything witty.

The Don

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I’m in a strange place right now.

My eyes and ears are completely over-stimulated by what I’ve just seen/heard. I’m pretty sure it’s awesome, I just…don’t know though.

The new Diplo release: ‘Express yourself’, incorporates a lot of its emphasis from New Orleans’ bounce music. The track is Diplo‘s first excursion into the realm of bounce, and in true Diplo fashion he carves out his own unique niche using an abundance of distressingly hyperbolic digital synths and heavy drums.

Nicky Da B adds furthur intensity to the track with his hyped vocals that embrace the energetic beat in a way that thunder compliments lightning: loudly.

However, the thing that has destroyed my brain the most about Express Yourself is the video. It kind of reminded me of the video from a few years ago for Pussy Poppin by Ludacris. Which featured a lot of heroin-addicted models shaking ‘dat azz’ in a strip club in the most bizarre and precarious positions imaginable, whilst men threw dollar bills (about 66p) at their vaginas. The results were…unpleasant. I mean, obviously some people enjoy that kind of stuff, but I put them in the same category as people who enjoy masturbating whilst looking at pictures of feet: ‘fucking weirdos’.

Anyway, Diplo’s video, directed by Shomi Patwary borrows some of this imagery, but takes it out of the seedy setting he found it in, and leaves it in the street. Like the song itself, the video is energetic to say the least; using obscure imagery and fashion, along with bright colours; an ultra-modern, post-apocolyptic landscape is created in which the contagious disease that ruined everything is called booty-shaking.

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We first got word of Leeds/Sheffield based producer Kidnap Kid through his astounding remix of “Tenderly” by one of our favourite artists Disclosure. Not only is this a cracking mix, but as you delve further into the array of tracks on his soundcloud, it’s hard not to be impressed by the sheer quality of the music this guy has been producing. With standout remixes such as “I Told Ya” by Daniel Klauser ft. Jasmine Knight, plus amazing original tracks such as “No One Else” and “Rectitude” dating back to over a year ago, it’s clear that he’s been carving out his own sound for a while.

His most recent release comes in the form of the 3-track “Alphaville” EP via Black Butter Records, featuring lead track “Vehl” which has been a hit on soundcloud for a while, clocking up over 12,000 plays, future bass jam “Be More” which has just surfaced, plus my personal favourite “Lazarus Taxon”. It was hard to pick a standout track from the EP, as all three are refreshingly different from one another, however “Lazarus Taxon” epitomises Kidnap Kid‘s talent for genre-spanning electronic music, starting off as a smooth house beat with throws of disco reminiscent of Gold Panda, before throwing in those future garage sounds that have brought around so much success for acts like the aforementioned Disclosure. With plays on national radio, plus acts like Skream, Redlight, Andy George,and Jaymo playing his tracks, expect big things from this guy!

Disclosure – “Tenderly (Kidnap Remix)”

Daniel Klauser ft. Jasmine Knight – “I Told Ya (Kidnap Remix)”

Kidnap Kid – “No One Else”

Kidnap Kid – “Alphaville” EP

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Irish producer Sad Soul Circus (aka Finn Yowell) first emerged around a month ago with the dreamy and aptly named “Waves”, which cools down the summery vibes of the likes of Washed Out to form a sound that’s wonderfully deep and almost subaqueous. Following on from this comes his most recent effort, “Lost Ideas”, which has a sound much more akin to Star Slinger, with a choppy bass-heavy rhythm and sampled vocals. Citing similar influences such as Gold Panda and Mmoths, the 19 year-old has still managed to create something with a unique flavour, and with musical roots based in more traditional instruments such as the accordion, it’s safe to say he’s not just another copycat. Both tracks are available to download for free from his soundcloud, what’s not to love?

Sad Soul Circus – “Lost Ideas” (video)

Sad Soul Circus - “Waves” (video)

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Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt’s first LP under the Lotus Plaza mantle, The Floodlight Collective, was covered by wet, guitar nonsense that was probably all the rage at the time. It was something that could be enjoyed, but certainly wasn’t going to be settling in the canon.

But Strangers, the first cut from the forthcoming follow-up, Spooky Action at a Distance, shows Pundt’s growth as a solo-artist. For those of you who love Deerhunter’s 2010 album, Halycon Digest, an album the Pendt wrote, will immediately find a lot like to here. It has the same chiming guitar sound, and slack front vocals. This really is a track that provides blissful pleasure.

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