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Kenyan dance trio Just A Band take every aspect of their work very seriously. They recognise that music isn’t solely about music anymore. Sure, it’s important, but the whole performative spectrum must be mastered if an artist(s) is to be successful, especially the visual and artistic aesthetics.

East Africa isn’t the first place you’d turn to, in search of innovative house/electronic music; but since 2006 Blinky, Dan and Jim have made it their mission to undo this perception by nuancing a competitive genre with their own unique blend of African flavours.

Everything about this group is oddly fascinating. From their fictional back-story:

“Dan had just returned to Kenya from three years of travelling with a Touareg caravan led by Hazim Barghai…Bill had no idea where he came from, having spent 13 years of his life under hypnosis. He came to his senses sometime in 2002, finding himself living in an abandoned convent in Limuru…Jim spent many years of his youth serving Arabic coffee in the coffee and opium dens of Kilgoris”

To the prerequisites for their latest video (which can be viewed below):

1. It has to tell a story
2. Everyone in the band has to be in it.
3. You get only one cut per minute.
4. Every cut has to have a movie reference.
5. It has to be done in 14 days.

Check out Huff + Puff below, which is part of their LP ’82’, released in 2010.

Huff + Puff


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